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Welcome to kansascitybat.com. We are the only qualified bat removal company in Kansas City, Missouri. Bats are important animals in our ecosystem, without them there would certainly be an imbalance in food chains and it could even potentially lead to other species going extinct. That being said when they come to infest your home and reside in your attic they become a real problem. Our team specializes in clearing out bats from your home ethically and completely. We utilize a sealing method in which we locate all the pathways the bats use to enter your home and plug them with special devices. These special devices are designed to keep bats out. It functions like a one way door, so bats can leave, but they can't enter the home. Once that is taken care of our team also has specialists that can clean the mess that the bats left behind such as urines and stains. Bat urine is a pungent smell and is something you wouldn't want anyone in your home to be smelling. Bats also tend to leave behind grease spots in the places they reside, these grease spots could potentially have disease as well, which is why our experts know how to deal with them. It is also worth noting that we do all our tasks without using traps or illegal poisons as we believe that all animals must be treated humanely. Each member of our team knows this rule and is sure to take care of any animal they are trying to remove from your home. We operate 24-7-365, so don't hesitate to call us at 816-558-6889 to discuss your bat problem and schedule a fast appointment.


We are experts at removing bats from residential properties. Whether you have a single bat trapped in your house, a colony roosting in your attic, and/or various other problems, there is no need to worry! During our removal process, we make sure to inspect your entire home carefully, tracking down all the entrypoints bats are using to invade your place. Next, we perform a process called live exclusion (where no bats are harmed and all exit your property), then seal all entry holes completely shut. We also take care of the cleanup process after, so your home is safe and clean!

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Besides residential areas, we also have a wealth of experience removing bats from commercial properties! We begin by investigating the area for possible bat entrances, covering holes even as small as 1/4 of an inch. Through our live exclusion process, bats leave the building through one-way exits, and we seal up every hole afterward. Once the bats have been removed, we perform a cleanup process. This includes dealing with guano, replacing damaged insulation, and decontaminating the place.

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What Our Customers Say

Wildlife Rehabilitators Relocating Trapped Bats

After dealing with a trapped or injured bat, you are going to worry about what happens to it. You want to know where it goes and you want to know whether it is going to be safe.

With wildlife rehabilitators being a popular and common choice with bats, as they make sure the bats receive the care they need, you have to wonder where they take them.

Do they release them directly into the wild? Do they keep them on site? Do they have somewhere to keep them? Knowing the answer can help you to find some calm and understanding when they take the bat.

On Site

When wildlife rehabilitators take a trapped animal, it is likely hurt or ill. In these cases, they cannot and are not going to release the bat right into the wild. They do not want to risk further harm coming to the bat.

Rehabilitators have facilities dedicated to helping animals of all kinds achieve full health once again. Through their work and time, they can help the bats to recover.

These facilities will have the appropriate setup and equipment to assist the bat. This gives the bat the highest chance at recovery.

After the bat reaches full health once again, the rehabilitators will decide what to do. It depends entirely on the situation, of course, and there is no solution that works in all situations.

The same goes for cases where there is no injury or illness present in the bat. They may still do full testing, but they may not keep it with them, or they may find a place suitable and safe for the bat.

A Goal on Healthy

Whatever the situation, rehabilitators want to focus on healthy bats that live long lives. They are going to make the choices that best suit that goal.

Rehabilitators will do what they can to create a healthy life for the bats they take into their facility. Whatever they choose to do, you can trust that they will make the best choice in the given situation. The bat will have a much better chance at life thanks to the rehabilitators.

Rehabilitators can take bats to their facility or to an area they deem acceptable. It depends entirely on the situation, and it is different with each bat. In all cases, though, they do focus on health and safety for the bats from start to finish.